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Unblock Your Tech Chakras

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The 1st Tech Chakra

The 2nd Tech Chakra

The 3rd Tech Chakra

The 4th Tech Chakra

The 5th Tech Chakra

The 6th Tech Chakra

The 7th Tech Chakra

  • Content

    • The 1st Tech Chakra
    • The 2nd Tech Chakra
      • Your colors, fonts, and branding
    • The 3rd Tech Chakra
      • Your about page
    • The 4th Tech Chakra
      • Your services
    • The 5th Tech Chakra
      • Your contact page
    • The 6th Tech Chakra
      • Your site is being built
    • The 7th Tech Chakra
      • Your site is live!
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Strong Foundations

The 1st chakra is the ROOT chakra. It’s about stability, building strong foundations that will support you.

To unblock your 1st Tech Chakra, we will establish the STRUCTURE of your website.


Your template comes with a menu at the top of each page to navigate through the various pages of your site.

The default menu has the following items:

–>  SERVICES (example: Nutrition Services, Energy Healing, 1-1 Sessions)
–>  COURSES & PROGRAMS* (*not included on the ‘TAKE ROOT’ plan)