Unblock Your Tech Chakras

Unblock Your Tech Chakras

Our dream is to enable you to realize yours. For some, tech is a stumbling block. We want to take you through a few basics now that will show you how easy it is to customize a  ‘ready-made’ site with place-holder content so that it becomes undeniably yours in no time at all.

How would you like to go about it?

  • The Path of Least Resistance. All you need to do is fill in some basic information, select some colors and click update. This is the quickest and simplest way to customize your site.
  • The Middle Way. You can use the ‘drag & drop editor’ to design pages, switch around elements, and get more in-depth overall in your site creation


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Course Instructor

Sally Author

Unblock Your Tech Chakras

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The 1st Tech Chakra

The 2nd Tech Chakra

The 3rd Tech Chakra

The 4th Tech Chakra

The 5th Tech Chakra

The 6th Tech Chakra

The 7th Tech Chakra

  • Content

    • The 1st Tech Chakra
    • The 2nd Tech Chakra
      • Your colors, fonts, and branding
    • The 3rd Tech Chakra
      • Your about page
    • The 4th Tech Chakra
      • Your services
    • The 5th Tech Chakra
      • Your contact page
    • The 6th Tech Chakra
      • Your site is being built
    • The 7th Tech Chakra
      • Your site is live!